Monday, January 14, 2008

Earn From Every Visit To Your Site

Adsense requires folks to CLICK on one of your ads...

What if there were a (legal) way to earn from every visitor thanks to a revolutionary new Adsense alternative system that makes every visit count!

Take a look at the full details:

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy To Recoomend Blog

Now - "a funny thing happened" on the way to try and login in a few months back! Consequently I have not been able to post regularly here...

But one place that I have posted some thoughts recently is:

Check it out

And be sure to pick up the item on the home page ( whilst it is still available free.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Internet Success? All It Takes Is The Bottle Of JD!

One marketer on the internet (but not someone who likes to be thought of a player in the ‘Internet Marketing Niche’) whose certainly ‘got some bottle’ and is currently making an impact as big as his personality is Mr James D Brausch. Caustic he may be, critical certainly, opinionated always – but his blog and his products are rarely less than interesting

If you’ve never heard of him -- and I hadn’t until a couple of months ago -- then maybe it is time you checked out his busy (he posts anything from 1 to 3 times a day!) web log. Oftentimes Brausch is either introducing a new, innovative product, or asking his readers market research questions, or offering a ‘24-hour special’ on his new products at a massively reduced price…but he may equally be expounding his personal philosophies about life, the Universe and almost everything. Which all goes to make James Brausch’s blog one that’s worth re-visiting regularly.

Brausch is carving an interesting online reputation for ploughing his own furrow, flying in the face of typical guru-esque tendencies – and launching some of the most interesting software (and ‘hardware’) products onto the Internet Business Building Market Place in recent times.

There have been many launches made by the ‘good old boys’ in the Internet Marketing sector over the last year. You know the ‘usual suspects’ to whom I am referring -- the Shefrens, the Filsaimes, the Comms, and their core group of cronies who fill your e-mail box with countless ‘Dear Friend’ letters of encouragement to shell-out for the latest/greatest/must-have offer from which they’ll each earn their next inflated affiliate check!...

Well J.D.Brausch appears to inhabit the antipodes of the Internet Marketing globe from these folks…at least in ‘style’ if not in overall intent! Brausch decries the concept of ‘niche’ as fraudulent and untrue…a fallacy peddled by ‘self appointed gurus’. Yes he is a feisty commentator who has a strong and ‘different’ POV that is attracting the attention of a growing throng of acolytes.

Brausch may sometimes be a little blunt in his retorts to customers and commenters alike who leave their messages on his intriguing ‘blog, but he never makes trite comments and he’ll always justify his stance. Indeed he comes across as a widely read fellow with strong opinions on most things from religion to EST, from the ‘how to set up and run a successful Internet business’ through to how to construct ‘guaranteed successful copy’ using a unique copy optimizing tool he has developed (and for which he has acquired impressive testimonials from some of the sales copy writing ‘Hall of Fame’, one should add!).

This eccentric millionaire Internet marketer already occasionally hosts massively successful ‘tutoring courses’ at a frankly shocking US$10,000 a pop, and is responsible for developing some of the most innovative software products aimed at assisting the ‘budding Interpreneur’ to make their mark more quickly and effectively. He doesn’t sell the same old hype. He doesn’t tote the same old bail. And if you’re lucky enough to get on his Christmas list – he might even send you a free book! (Even if it is an old ‘science fiction’ novel from the mid 1900’s that he has just finished reading!)

In fact far from selling products which have names that ‘say far more than they do’ (as is all too common) – Brausch goes-against-the grain of received wisdom by having developed a raft of ‘nifty’ and original web-business-promotion tools (relating to everything from article submission and traffic-building, to copy writing and product development) which he then, in typical ‘Brauschian’ style, christens with ‘quirky’ names that give the potential buyer absolutely no idea of what they may do! (Maybe that's why some of his affiliates seem to have 're named' them for him? Just try selling Hermus, RaSof and Nemeas without so doing!)

‘MuVar’, ‘Glyphius’, ‘ArtemisPro’ are just some of the remarkably innovative products James Brausch has developed largely by applying simple logic that gets results, and many testimonials confirm that they really work. Indeed this ‘JD’ is taking a ‘swift shot’ over the bows of some of the other ‘self styled Internet Marketing experts’ with products that may come from a different perspective but apparently, unlike many, they actually do deliver.

As James D. Brausch has continued to promote his name as brand, via his web log, ever more effectively throughout the last year and a half (with an Alexa rank in the 14,000’s and on page 1 of results for the Google Search ‘Internet Business’ his ‘blog is evidently stirring up some regular interest!) …JD seems to be one ‘Internet Marketer’ who has 'got the bottle’ to go all the way, when it comes to providing individualistic and genuinely helpful products that provide real benefits for those trying to improve their own online business prospects.

In fact, if you want to learn to run a successful web-based business even more quickly, Brausch may take you on as an ‘intern’ if you are the ‘right stuff’! But you can expect neither an easy ride…nor to get paid…but then again the experience you’ll get by becoming part of his ‘online business mentoring University’ will it seems be invaluable!

If you haven’t seen or heard of James Brausch before, why not take a look at his Internet Business blog, he’ll make you see ‘ex-drug addicts’ and ‘former Baptist Ministers’ and 'down-and-outs' (all of which he has apparently been in his ‘previous life’) in whole new light...there's hope for all of us yet!:

Or a closer look at just one of his most successful new products to date here:

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Write WAY BETTER Headlines And Copy - SELL WAY MORE!

If you write copy - and are trying to sell online.

If you can't afford US$1000's for professional copywriters...

You need this astounding tool that has amazed many well known, high paid, copywriters tosuch an extent that they now all own and use this software themselves to get better results...

Glyphius is a simple to use - 'copywriting consultant in your pocket'

Some have seen conversions rocket - even by 1000%!

To keep ahaed of the competition you cannot afford to be without this economical tool. A one off cost that will KEEP ON REPAYING ITSELF:

Read more now: Improve Your Copywriting Instantly

This the HOT tool of the moment that any serious online marketer cannot be without!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Publish or be d*mned! ;-)

Get into web site publishing - here's a terrific way to take advantage of having the hard work done for you. You just have to sign up (at NO cost!), download, publish a site each month and promote...

(Need a good host - with leading edge tools and cPanel ease of site management?
Exceptionally good value hosting company, NOTE: includes your choice of .com domain name (no annual renewal), and includes website builder tool, and good support: at equivalent of only US$4.95 per month- (PLUS unlimited number of domains hosted via one account at this price) this is a great choice for setting up one, or multiple, website/s quickly and economically:- )

Here's the package that can pay more ways than one...



Wordpress Blog Themes
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't Jump In To A Web-Hosting Deal!

There are an ever increasing number of website hosting deals around - this means the marlet is becoming pretty competitive. Some domain sellers and/or website hosting services have complicated annoying sites, complex irritating deals and offers, that take forever to pick your way through. Here are two that have impressed me though...

If you are trying to build your first web site - you may have to cut through the chaff to pick a decent domain name reseller. You can still find companies ripping folks off for way more than US$10 for dot com domain! Others offer a 'sweet' first deal then keep hammering you with this that and the other 'add-on' offer - a pain in the neck and worth a dollar or two to avoid - anyday - I reckon.

The company I prefer forbuying the all important dot-com domains - (or any other URL extensions for that matter) - is - as you'll see this is a clean link straight to them - if you want to take a look. I like them because their domain name search tool is simple to use, accurate and checks out a wide range of extensions in a second - The purchase process is quick and simple, too, and not cluttered with lots of distracting crap and offers like some resellers (go-coff!-daddy) and you can pay with PayPal and load your account to make purchases even swifter. They also swift and simple domain redirect, simple e-mail to domain for free, and FREE personal detail protection that can be set up in a second too.

I ALSO - think another genuinely great deal at the moment if you need to host your new domain is with You really can't fault this hosting deal, especially now that they have dropped the price to a paltry monthly US$4.95 (that's only just over GB£2.50!!! Hardly the cost of a pint of beer!) - PLUS this includes your domain name purchase (included, paid for FOREVER, too!). In this case you may also want to check out their affiliate opportunity which is one of the best I've seen in this area. They also have an excellent customer support reputation, and easy to use interface with all the 'so-necessary-these-days' c-panel advantages.

Give these a look - if you are just 'scoping' the market place. I've bought from a variety of hosts and domain resellers, in the past, and compared with others I really can't fault these - as genuine simple to use, low cost deals:


Hostmonster - $4.95 a month - unlimited domains

Well worth a check at the price they offer domains:

$8.88 Domain name registration at

13 Nov 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seen this VID? US$5000 worth at unbelievable price

If you saw the blog entry below (Oct 11th) and missed the video here it is...

Take a look now...then see yesterday's entry and click the link quickly - the price is going up today...BUT it is still an absolute STEAL...

If you want to grab your piece of the Internet advertising boom - this is your surest way to success...designed and developed by the 'acknowledged' Master!:

Want to see the link NOW - rather than read yesterdy's entry? Here it is:
(You're WISE to save time and catch this action FAST: )
Amazing Adsense Website business foundation package costs look...and could just be the Internet Business opportunity you have ben looking for!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Makes a lot of (ad)sense - but WHERE have YOU been!!!

If you have NOT seen this amazing offer from Joel Comm (the Internet's foremost authority on making money from Adsense - the search and site based advertising system from Google)...then all I can say is..."Where the h**l have you been the last few days?"

There have been some BIG online offers for those new to the Internet (as well as those 'not so new') over the last couple of weeks.

Amazing stuff from Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon - any business online can transform itself with their £400/US$795 a month assistance...and at this price it is small potatotes compared with some consultancy fees...and massive results have been obtained according to many, many accounts!

Click flipping has been a big BUZZ-WORD in the 'Internet News Headlines' - with the author of 'Adsense is Dead' running a massively successful campaign - and drawing inserious internet business folks with a big front end fee - but simply huge earning potential.

Even a new UK based (that makes a change!) 'Internet Marketing' star has emerged with the powerful and successful 'Project X' launch..for many, grabbing a copy of that 50-page document for a mere £50/US$97 (if you missed the $77 launch) has been acclaimed a 'revelation'...or at least helped some to re-focus on ways and means of turning a bigger-buck out of the 'affilaition' game.

But hot on the heels of all this fast and furious promotion and sales...comes what may JUST be the biggest, and maybe best deal least for those wanting to get a foot on the ladder of earning an decent return from online publishing of solid informative websites (our first and abiding passion!)...

Joel Comm the author of numerous books about profiting from the Net, and a guy who regularly picks up his US$25,000 every month from his Adsense activities - has just launched a MASSIVE package of first rate foundation and business development material for anyone chasing a solid regular Internet income without major risks or costs - (hyperbole is so over-used these days in Internet Markleting it is hard to do justice to just how TRULY massive this deal all falls in to place when you see the price!!!) To see details now:
Here is the deal!

Using a 'horde' of development support - in the sahpe of his own 'master-mind' team of authors and programmera, Joel has amassed a truly unbeleiveble range of resources that would individually have retailed for sums way up there in the US$1000's (even the US$10,000's!!!!)...yet the kicker is they are offering all the 'kit' for an amazing 'snip' of a price...To see details now:
Here is the deal!

The CATCH...well yes there is ONE...the price is going UP daily!! (from yesterday!!!) The offer will only be live for a week (Oct10-Oct16 2006 ONLY!)!!! PLUS there is a strictly LIMITED number of packages available (To see details now:
Here is the deal!)

Joel Comm's amazing 'launch-pad package for those wanting a real Internet Business' - is like nothing I've seen - an I have seen A LOT. The range, the quality, the amount, the intelligent design and the incredible PILE of REAL valuable bonuses (NOT the usual done-to-death-outdated-trash) - including materials specially designed, written, prepared JUST for this package - provides enough for anyone who has the desire to get up and running quickly with as many powerful websites attracting a real income that they feel they can cope with (we are talking hundreds here not just ONE site!)...
Here is the deal!

I realize that every day there are hundreds of 'newbies' (I hate that word) getting onto (and into) the Net and looking for opportunities. The BAD NEWS...there is a lot of distracting, scammy, over-hyped under-performing, tat and rubbish out there... and the unwary are EASY PREY!

Finding the needle in the haystack is getting increasingly tough!...When you've checked out and grabbed at as many pieces of 'hay' as I have you begin to wonder..IS THERE ANYTHING WORTH BUYING OUT THERE?

Well - if you already have the financial werewithal, knowledge and experince to use what the guys like Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon offer, or what 'Click Flipping' might provide for you...then dig deep and spend the few hundreds of dollars A MONTH these deals cost - 'cos they look great...

BUT if you want a solid foundation for a developing 'Virtual Real Estate' (VRE) - that is developing valuable assets of websites WORTH REAL MONEY - then everything you need to get underway is in

TIP: The amount of time
this package will save you - will outweigh the cost of this amazing package of leading-edge products, in less than a week! (assuming you don't currently earn too much in a week! ;-D)

Take a look at this
business foundation costs look!

(BUT BEWARE...IF you get there in time to buy BEFORE they sell out...the deals you get offered after you buy the main package are EVEN HOTTER!..Hard to believe...but just wait untikl you see them! Good luck - I hope you are in time!!!)

10 Oct 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stop looking THIS gift-horse in the mouth! ;-)

It's F-r-e-e so it's worth a look at least...

Great tools and ideas for more affiliate earning success:

Affiliate Cash Secrets - $97 Value

NO THERE IS...Nothing to buy, so put your wallet away. :o)

I was given the "Thank You Page" for Derrick VanDyke's newly revised "Affiliate Cash Secrets" and was told I could share it with anyone...A $97 Value absolutely F-R-E-E with no strings attached.

Check it out:HERE

The package includes the "Affiliate Cash Secrets" ebook,The "Free Traffic Secrets" training manual, and the"Affiliate Organizer" software.

You can download the whole package:HERE

Have a great day,


Friday, September 29, 2006



Dive in and pull out a long LIST!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey, did you listen to these invaluable audios yet?

Hi there

I'm sure you've probably seen the emails or heard the buzz about Butterfly Riches - an amazing new site that launched JUST a few days ago.

You can instantly listen to over 15+ hours of amazing marketing tips with some of the biggest names in butterfly marketing for absolutely NO COST.

It's not too late to get in - if you hurry.

Go Today == >

These audios will definitely help you take your business to the next level, no matter where you're starting from, the information is that don't delay.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

What the h**l is he talking about?

Are you trying to build a web business?

If your response to the following quote is - "What the h**l is he talking about?" - then you need to see this article now...

"...Nothing comes close to providing your with both process and tools to become a Long Tail winner...someone who makes money by using all three driving forces well. Don't merely "be aggregated"...

You can aggregate your own Long Tail of customers and own your business..."

Take a look at this explanation of the long tail and listen to the half-hour of pure gold wisdom - a converstaion between two of the wens most informed sources.

AS 10 9 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Those who ACT - build a monster of a list! So ACT NOW...

He went out and created a monster - NO - not Dr Frankenstein! - but Eric Rockefeller...

Eric was able to come out of nowhere and get 16 big named List Building Gurus on a product spilling there guts about HOW to build monster lists and WHY that is so important.

This List Building Million Dollar Arsenal is Launching August 29th.

But right now if you hurry you can sign up and get a chance to win it before you can buy it. Just go there now and signup there is a chance to win one of seven packages being given away.

This offer is amazing and he is offering you the chance to win it before you can buy it, I already signed up and am highly anticipating the launch of this superstar product.

So hurry up and go here now!>>>

Remember the GOLD is in the LIST!
If nothing else it's worth taking a look at the details NOW...
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AS 29/08/06

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Check out this List Monster...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Define YOUR success - it is possible!

"...How do we define success?

The lifeblood of a growing Network marketing business is new leads. So here's how we define success...

Four or five (or more) new, warm leads per day, every day, generated by you, and you only (not 1,000 others).

And they'll call you because you have done it the right and proper way. They will listen to you because you are the expert and they have called you..."

Read the complete article here:

Successful Networking

If you are serious about making your own networking business really work...

(1) You can't sit back - and let it happen

(2) It will take time and effort...

If you already appreciate this - then JUST stop putting that time and effort into the wrong approaches...

Got 5 minutes? Then reading this article could transform your success...

Successful Networking

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stop being sceptical! Just be objective...

Ok so cyberspace is burdened with scamsters.

But as long as you live by the adage 'if something sounds too good to be true...then it probably is' - you should be alright!

BUT don't let your scepticism lead you to pass-by one of the 'few' genuine possibilities - for those seeking a real opportunity to set-up in business doing something worthwhile, ethical and enjoyable - yet which is also accessible to most folks who can afford to invest a relatively small sum.

Anyone who has scanned the earlier posts on this weblog will have noted a certain single-minded focus on promoting the world's leading all-in-one web site building package. Well - I haven't changed my opinion - SiteBuildIt! still represents, for me (and MANY others) the single most assured way for both the novice and the more experienced web-based business builder to make a site that really works. It gets better all the time - and compared with the 'lure' of apparently cheap hosting deals, which enbd up costing you more than you think to build, maintain and promote a webs ite...SBI! continues to over-deliver as always.

Unlike some BIG name hosts who do sell domains cheap - but DON'T really provide a solution for small businesses unless you fork-out a few hundred dollars per year (and then some, if you hope to achieve even half-decent rankings for a few key term ...IF you are lucky)...

BUT SBI! has proven time and time again that the US$299 per year it costs ALL-IN, is incomparable value for a foolproof system of researching, writing, building, optimizing, hosting, promoting...etc., etc...It ONLY gets better...and Ken Evoy's team keep on adding more and more features, support, and benefits for the same annual fee! It is nothing short of brilliant and we wouldn't have so many first page search results on Google, Yahoo, and MSNsearch with if it wasn't for the super value system that ONLY SBI! provides...

For more examples of our 'SBI!' works-in-progress see also: (new Spanish language site)
(Launched a week or so back and still in it's infancy - but watch this space! It's going to be big news by this time next year - thinks: "I can always come back and edit that comment later" ;-D)

If you can get over that painful, distracting, and ultimately self-defeating scepticism... take a look at any of these sites, scroll down any page and click on a 'powered by SBI!' banner at the bottom, or one of the others links, to find out more about the world's premier way for the small (and not-so-small) guy to make a BIG impression on the internet...

BUT I didn't come here to grind my SBI! axe again, I came to try and shake-up those sceptics who don't feel a business is real unless it involves some REAL products to sell.

I probably don't have to tell you just how big a thing the 'organic products' market is becoming. And don't be fooled intgo thinking it's a fad! Organics is a great example of how consumers are demonstrating the fact that they WANT safer, better products for their family and themselves that ALSO don't cost the Earth (and that's in every sense of the phrase).

It is all very well eating more organic food - not only does that mean it encourages better farming practices but it also ensures that you and yours consume much less chemical pesticide, herbicide, growth peomoters, so on...BUT it is only half (or less) of the story!

If you are still using nasty old chemical laden skin care, hair care, oral care and are seriously riskin your own and, worse still, your family's health.

It's a fact - most soaps, shampoos, shower gels or creams, aftershave, moisurizers, cleansers, mascara, make-up,...and so on...are just a 'toxic chemical cocktail'. If you aren't sure what to look out for on the labels visit soon and grab your complementary copy of the 'Toxic Chemical Directory' on offer there...

And if you want to be more proactive in helping your family, friends and others find better safer products...indeed Internationally Certified organic products...then take a look here and send for some more info TODAY: it truly is a business opportunity you can get into for a small investment but that is BIG on rewards...both personally and financially!

Sincerely - both these ideas are worth at least a look...and who knows, by this time next year...they might even have changed your life!


Al 1 June 2006

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No such thing as a F-R-E-E lunch! This will help pay for your Dinner though!

No such thing as a F-R-E-E lunch? No! But this complementary intensive e-course can revolutionize the way you write copy for your web site/s.

Successful web site entrepreneurs recognize the value of being able to write good, effective copy. Copy MUST do more than sell - it must builds trust, develop a relationship, create a warm and friendly feeling with your readers...these are just some of the things that the experts KNOW will influence mores sales than a 100 long pages of over-hyped sales pitch!

It is simply a little THANK YOU, for visiting our web log...just CLICK on the link below and request your e-course now - if you ever thought you couldn't are just about to discover some 'powerful' GOOD NEWS...

Click here and send a blank e-mail to receive The Netwriting Masters course... It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to become an effective e-persuader.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't bother to check this out - unless you're smart ;-)

As highly respected, internet expert and web-site building 'guru' Ken Evoy says - it is people who are...
  • "Smart. They understand that if you own your own PREsold traffic, you own your world. 99% of small business people still miss this fundamental concept.
  • Ready to do what it takes. They are not afraid to do the work necessary to build a REAL business that will generate long-term profits.
  • Optimistic. They are forward-looking people, determined to succeed..."

Who find their way to the web's best and most informative forum for anyone serious about building successful, genuine, real, informative web sites...that will establish themselves as long-term income-generatiing online businesses.

Ken Evoy's SiteSell and SiteBuildIt! are quite simply the 'best money can buy' - it is only surprising that it all costs so little money - when you see what mad prices some folks are selling half-baked rubbish for (and getting away with it)!

If YOU realize that NO web site business that is going to last, and be worth more and more as the years pass - is also going to be a 'get-rich-quick', phantasy-land, over-hyped, 'instant die-stamped', ready to-go, pieces of 'half-arsed' tat - then MAYBE you are also made of the 'right stuff' to benefit from SiteBuildIt!?

If you are serious about wanting to build a REAL web site, that can also become a major source of income...then the ONLY (and increasingly amazing value) all-in-one solution to web site development, building, optimization, promotion and hosting - is SiteBuildIt! So take a look at what SiteBuildIt! - Ken Evoy's SBI has to offer here:

You will find loads of advice, information and downloads for nothing, at this valuable site - EVEN if you DO NOT decide to invest 'less than the equivalent' of $12.00 a week in your GUARANTEED future web-site business success. (And let's face it - if you cannot afford to INVEST $12 a week to start a REAL web-based business - YOU ARE NOT really serious anyway - ARE YOU?)

You'd be PLAIN stupid to miss out - but then if you do pass-up this SHOULDN'T BE HERE...after all, you were warned NOT TO BOTHER reading this post.


(It's ok - you can thank me in 2 years time - when you are raking in a regular solid, ongoing income from your site. Whether you are a web development 'veteran' - or a complete 'newbie' to building websites - SBI! really does have the answer . It will take no more than 15 minutes to check it out - and who knows - you may find that you ARE smarter than you thought!)

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Well...come on, it would be SILLY NOT TO!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A mailing list NO-COST it's well worth a punt!

Are you onto the 'Lucky List' phenomenon?
It costs you nothing - and puts you in a good position to acquire
a list of fresh prospects for your business EVERY week.
At 'no-cost' to you - it is at least worth a quick click...

Rapidly access a massive list - refreshed weekly
to promote your business/product/W.H.Y.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Are you making 1200%+ on investment?

Well are you making 1200%+ annually on any investments you make at the moment?

We can actually say that this (which we make off one site alone) is an unremarkable return - because we know how little time we had available to 'work' at the investment in the last year.

Indeed - as you will be aware - the focus of this 'blog is about developing online income from building genuine information based websites.

What we can say is that there is a lot of 'tat', rubbish, hype and 'scammery' out there - cheap hosting deals to snare the ill-informed; rubbishy 'ready-made-article' packages to tempt the lazy and the inept; 'e-z-p-z' ways to build web sites rapidly - that only result in a lot of crappy waste-of-time trash to fill the latter 100,000's or even 1,000,000's of search results that SE-users now get routinely saddled with for many queries.

This is putting ever more pressure onto the need for first time (and even experienced) web site builders to get their 'formulae' right in order to claim a place in the first page or two of search results.

These days there is still plenty of 'crap' to wade through - even in the first 30 results for most SE enquiries - and this in a day-and-age when SE's are supposedly getting more fussy, and more 'intelligent' at sorting the 'wheat from the chaff'.

As far as we see - there is still too much 'chaff' getting through...BUT rest assured as sure as eggs is eggs - the SE's will gradually shoot down the 'fluff', and find ways of prioritizing the 'real thing'. What this means is that you may see some gains in the short run, by creating 'shoddy' pseudo-info sites - but in the longer term you are on a hiding-to-nothing.

So - get to grips with serious web site development now. Build sites in a time-and-again-proven quality manner. Provide useful and unique content. And within the year you can be seeing 1200%+ return on your investment. OK...for some 6-10k income from a site may be small potatoes...but when you see 3, 4 or more sites bringing in steadily increasing incomes from a combo of advertising and simple product and/or affiliate sales - then 50k plus per annum is not too bad for a few hours tinkering every week!

Take a look at the World's best method for achieving guaranteed results (that is so-solid, and reliable it is comprehensively MONEY BACK guaranteed - meaning investing a measly $299 in this venture is a no riskdecision for you) - and KNOW that if you follow the comprehensive guide, stick to the plan, and develop a genuine site (not just more scammy fluff) YOU will succeed and substantially - for certain! (it has been proven time and again:

And don't even bother to feel tempted by the 'fast bucks (...for them not you)' - 'get-rich-kwik (NOT)' - schemes that soil the virtual marketplace, but consistently 'snag' the unwary, the gullible and the newbie.

Take a look at the World's best system for building better websites - and build real sites that really work - for long term online income:

HERE are the useful links - no tricks, no gimmicks, no 'must sign up for my newsletter', no kidding...

(1) HERE is the 'Gen' on how to build REAL successful websites

(2) HERE is just how the web site building system works (slideshow tour).

(3) HERE is the simple yet real 'secret of web site developement success'.

(4) HERE is a comparison - that shows this is the BEST REAL VALUE website building method around.

(5) HERE is the PROOF that time and again IT WORKS (There are a lot of successes - it's A LONG list - so give it a while to download!)

(6) STILL got quetions about building a successful site? Well HERE you can mail a successful website builder any question you like! (...about web site buiding of course! ;-D)

SO STOP - wasting time being tempted by the cheap, hyped, destined-to-fail-rubbish. This is the REAL way to build a web based business! A small investment for big rewards in the long run...1200% return in a year? It's just a beginning...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's all going BOOM!

Catering for the 'baby-boom' generation is acknowledged as key business-sense.

Sell a product that is demanded by the front end of the 'baby-boom' demographic, and you will have 18 years of 'booming' business to look forward to

So you need

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Take a look at both sites - and the next half-hour could be one of the most profitable you have ever spent!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WANTED: 3 individuals or couple who truly want a better life for their family

We'd ideally like to contact three individuals, or couples, that are 'family' folks - who already try and really do want to make the best life they can for themselves and their kids.

There are lots of ways to do this, naturally, and 'making a good life' for yourself and your kids is just as much about having quality time together, as ensuring that children are protected from the downsides, the dangers and the potential hazards that surround us in today's world.

It seems funny (not ha-ha!)`to us that we are supposedly living in such technologically advanced times, we should consider ourselves fortunate to be in a relatively 'free' society, in a 'developed' country, with health services, clean water, more than enough food...

But the REALITY is that technology has mostly been exploited to make some big company more profit (not necessarily in a way to make the world a better/ safer/ healthier place) -

The REALITY is that our relatively free society is bought and paid for by powerful 'lobbies' that have our politicians in their pockets - and only their own interests at heart.

The REALITY is that our wonderful 'Health Services' - are a thriving 'illness industry' - that is manipulated by mega-million-dollar pharmaceutical Companies - that have realized that 'curing' illness doesn't pay - but treating symptoms (without curing the problem) pays only TOO well!

The REALITY about our water and food is that - Our 'clean water' is already adulterated with indestructible chemicals that almost all of us now have circulating in our blood - that God alone knows what effect they may have on us (or own family's gene-pool) in years to come. To live in a country, like the UK (where we are just now) and be able to turn a tap and fill a glass with clear, cool, (supposedly) potable water - seems a sheer luxury compared with so many less fortunate parts of the world. And yet there are still those who talk of the benefits (now widely dis-proven) of poisoning our water with toxic chemicals all in the name of 'fighting' dental caries - which kids are suffering because of the amount of refined sugar that permeates almost every processed food product they eat (and note that 'Sugar' - like 'Pharamaceuticals' and 'Tobacco' is yet another powerful lobby with their own pet-politicians quietly working say to ensure their multi-million turnovers keep-a-rolling in!).

So whereas you might have thought - how lucky we are to be alive, and bringing up a family, at a time of such amazing social benefits, in a free society, in a developed country - the REALITY is that we should be examining everything we do, every example we set, every value we espouse and everything we 'believe' - to ensure we are truly fulfilling our moral and parental duties the best way we can.

But some folks are trying to stem the tide of chemicals and pollutants that we are exposed to daily in our food, our water, our air...and also in our household products...Every small action helps - and now, if you choose to make your own 'small action' it can help you directly to make a better life for your family...

So - we are looking for 3 individuals and/or couples - who recognize some of the issues we briefly allude to here, who are trying to make better choices, set better examples, and struggling to ensure that their children grow up with god, honest decent values - and have their eyes open to the REALITY of the world around them.

We also need those 3 individuals and/or couples to have a real desire to start, and to run their own business - either full-time - or part-time alongside other work

We also need those 3 individuals and/or couples to be motivated to create a better, safer, healthier life and future for themselves, their families, and for other folks.

If you qualify - then please get in touch - about this genuine opportunity - NOTE: THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH the majority of TOSH posted on innumerable forums and biz op sites.

In the UK? call 08708921899 (national rate to register you interest - and for a quick chat - we will call you back to save phone costs) -

Outside the UK? - use a cheap rate calling card to call 00 44 1422 846 597 (again after initially and briefly registering your interest - if you wish to discuss the opportunity we will call you back and/or give you useful Internet links for more information).

When you call ask for Ruth, and remember to mention 'net profit blog'

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Make your Valentine Happy! Not what you're thinking

Why not make your Valentine happy by giving the gift that 'keeps on giving' -

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Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


Monday, January 16, 2006

Are you the sensitive type? Do you know a good thing when you see it?

For superb uniquely formulated, certified organic skin/hair/body/oral care and cosmetics. Excellent for sensitive skins. Also certified organic pro-biotic super food…Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals today!

We now supply the highly regarded MiEssence brand, the world's first extensive range of certified organic skin/hair/body/oral care products and organic cosmetics. These superb products contain NO toxic or potentially harmful synthetic chemicals or petro-chemical derivatives.

Our personal care and cosmetics ranges contain only natural ingredients - uniquely cold-pressed fruit, plant and nut oils, fine quality mineral powders, etc. All are guaranteed 100% beneficial to the skin - they are truly lovely products to use, and have proven particularly good for those with sensitive skins, eczema, dry/cracked skin, allergies, etc.

We also offer ‘In-Liven’ a certified organic pro-biotic super food that can help you re-establish a healthy intestinal balance, and restore health and vitality.These certified organic products are subject to the stringent standards required by independent Australian, US and Japanese organic institutions, and are certified to ‘food grade’ standards.

Contact us now for a catalogue and additional information: 08708921899

You can also access lots more information and our online information and shopping facility via:
And if know anyone who may benefit from these products, please be sure to pass this information on to them.

We are currently looking for others
who would like to become independent representatives for these groundbreaking products. Still very new to the UK the opportunity for these superb quality certified organic products is as substantial as the potential rewards. If you are already an online or high-street retailer, or a Health & Beauty professional this is a great opportunity to add an additional profit centre to your business with minimal outlay. Alternatively if you are looking for a part-time or full-time business that you can run from home, with low start-up costs, plus great training and ongoing support, this may be an ideal choice for you.

Phone us today for an informal chat, and to find out more. Tel: 08708921899

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Missed one boat? Don't miss another!

So the SiteSell deal has finished ...and you still couldn't decide that now was the time to try and build your own income generating website? (My advice...try back here around Valentine's Day ;-) ... if you've made your mind up by then you MAY just be lucky!!!)

Still 'thinking' about what you'd like to do to make that extra income that would be so helpful to your current circumstances?

A few posts ago we mentioned the great opportunity that currently exists in promoting organic products. Everyone really ought to take stock of what chemical laden products they are using to wash, hydrate, shampoo, moisturize...etc, etc, with. The ingredients list are like a chemistry lab on so many products these days and it doesn't take much research to find out that many of the substances used in producing your favorite hand soap, face wash, cosmetics - or whatever - are well known for their toxicity:

The 'surfactants' (which act as detergents) like Sodium (or Ammonium) Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulphate (or Sulfate!). These may dissolve grease and oil on your skin and hair BUT...Something like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is harsh enough to clean garage floors - imagine how it strips the oils out of your hair. Sadly things can get worse when this ingredient is 'made a little milder' by 'ethoxylating' it - (hence: Sodium Laureth Sulphate) this can contain known carcinogens due to the chemical processing. You will find one or other of these substances in many brands of common soap/cleanser products...and even in many big brand toothpastes!

Emollients are often used protect dry skin...but in typical products they are are derived from petro-chemicals. Even common ingredients (many found in baby products!) like mineral oil, paraffin, or petrolatum are known to contain 'Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrcarbons' which can be carcinogenic (cancer causing!!) and even mutagenic (changes genetic material!!!) and can also lead to chemically induced acne!

Other supposedly beneficial ingredients that fall into the category of 'humectants' , which form a barrier which stops water loss from the skin...can actually exacerbate the problem of skin drying as they will actually 'draw' water from the skin in very dry atmospheres! These substances include some that are well known to motor mechanics!! Such as Propylene and Ethylene Glycol are also used in antifreeze mixtures!

Take a look at some of your skin care bottles now...we are sure you will find some of these chemical horrors...and there are plent more to avoid..TEA's, DEA's,PEG compounds, Myristate, Cocomidopropyl Betaine...etc., etc., etc.,...

Sad to say all these substances others used 'legally' by the cosmetics and skin care industry should be gotten out of any body care regime you or your family well as everyone else!

So how do you avoid them...BY USING COMPLETELY NATURAL CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCTS, THAT'S HOW! There is simply a huge market, that is growing rapidly, for the natural and beneficial effects of TRUE certified organic skin care products...

SO if you want to be part of one of todays fastest growing markets and create a healthier and wealthier lifestyle for yourself...TAKE A LOOK AT THIS 5 MINUTE PRESENTATION:

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This is a real opportunity to start an ethically sound business, with huge earning potential, which offers -

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Take a look at the Organic Enterprize presentation and/or you can call us for more details on:
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Friday, December 30, 2005

Your fortune in 2006 - One way...or another?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

World's best website development 'total package'

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Are you killing yourself...and your kids?...

- What is one of the fastest growing markets today?...

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- How would you like to be able to develop a REAL home-based-business, that employs a 'unique marketing approach' - to promote its 'world leading' products?

If you are seeking 'entrepreneurial' opportunities (which is why you are reading this page just now ;-)...and want to do something that is strongly ethically based, offering a unique product range without any REAL competition...Products that we all NEED...we all use every-day (strong repeat business potential)...and products that are a genuine innovative step-change away from the vast market of common items that we use that could ACTUALLY BE DAMAGING OUR HEALTH!

Look, learn and see very quickly why this opportunity is SECOND TO NONE for those who want to enter a rapidly growing market, with a strong and growing product range...that EVERYONE should use if they REALLY CARE about their own and their families health!

Imagine...there a millions of people out there RIGHT NOW who are not only damaging their own health...but could GENUINELY be damaging their children's health...and the health of the children THEY ARE YET TO HAVE!

It is a powerful message...if you are NOT USING these ARE MOST LIKELY endangering your own and your loved ones health...

Take a look here and browse the product range, the company objectives, and see why, if you cannot take on this business challenge... THE LEAST YOU SHOULD DO IS USE THESE PRODUCTS YOURSELF!!!!

Mail me NOW, via this 'blog, for more information about this SERIOUS opportunity...and/or about these innovative products...and to find out the shocking truth about some of the most common products in daily use that could be leading to thousands of DEATHS EVERY YEAR.

PLEASE don't put it off...take a look now:

P.S. This is NO is your health, and maybe even your life we are talking about!!
Take a look: Better for you and your family

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Look at this method now...


Sunday, November 13, 2005

You have to understand THIS...


"Many people, unfortunately, are too impatient to build real businesses. That is why they fall for brilliant, convincing "Get Rich Quick" ("GRQ") sales copy over and over, always believing that "this one is different." (GRQ, of course, does not exist. If it did, why would anyone sell it? They'd use it.)

On a more subtle level, it is the same reason why so many prospective small business people fall for the "Cheap-Quick-&-Easy" message of the large, old-fashioned Web hosts. More on this shortly."


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